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Stream free albums and hits, find a song, discover music, and download songs with the Spotify free streaming and music player app.

Free streaming, music search and hits library – Spotify is all that and much more.

Play songs, sync music, discover music and free albums with Spotify, your go-to music downloader.

Find a song and music albums just like in a music store but for free.

Listen to free music from trending artists and popular albums, or download songs to create your own favourite playlist. Find the best album on Spotify and play it over and over again.

Music search is easy with Spotify. Discover music, find a song, play music, and enjoy.

Stream music albums from your favourite musician and artist. Discover the best album from each of your favourite artists, including Adele, Rihanna and many more. You’ll find them all on this music downloader and free streaming app.

Pop music, jazz, latin, classic, garage, heavy metal and much more – Spotify is like a huge music store but absolutely free! Enjoy your favourite album and musician.

Music streaming with Spotify is free. Play music, download songs, discover music and create a ready-made playlist that suits your mood. Even get free personalised recommendations.

Spotify features:

Free streaming on mobile or tablet

• Find music, play songs, stream albums and hits from all of your favourite artists

• Listen to free music with the song downloader and music player to create your own playlist

• Play music and turn on shuffle mode for a fun experience

• Stream radio stations and play music from all over the world

• Play music with the Spotify Connect music player on your PC or laptop, Smart TV, TV Streamer or PlayStation®

• Download songs and trending music – all you need is Spotify

Discover music and create a playlist

• Music streaming is even more fun with your own playlist

• Discover music and play songs that have just been released

• Find music, play songs and music albums from one of Spotify’s exclusive curated playlists for any music genre or popular artist

• Play music and free albums with personalised music recommendations

• Download songs and new music with the song downloader – song download is easy with Spotify

Download songs and listen offline with Spotify Premium

• Download songs and free albums from your top artist and favourite band

• Music streaming for all your favourite musician and trending music with amazing sound quality

• Listen to the album you love, anywhere and anytime

• Download new music and play your favourite songs offline on any device - mobile, tablet, or your computer

• No ads or commercials, just uninterrupted music

• No commitment – cancel any time you like

• Use Spotify Connect to play music and free albums on wifi speakers from the likes of Bose, Sonos, Denon and even use your voice to play Spotify on the Amazon Echo and Dot

Find music and play songs, music albums and hits from all genres:

• Dance music

• Indie

• Classic rock

• Hip hop

• Rap beats

• Indie

• Pop songs

• Country music

• Disco

• Kpop

• and more!

Music streaming, wherever you are. Listen to your favourite songs and discover new music with the Spotify app.

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